Phil Sanderson founded Parley to be just such a creative ally.

After 30 years in law and private equity, culminating in a decade of leading successful teams, he decided on change, and in doing so he learnt that:

  • it is better to think of change as a transition, it doesn’t happen overnight, there is no silver bullet, it requires commitment and support
  • it is almost impossible to sit and think yourself through to clarity as your inner voice becomes louder and more unhelpful: “you’re no good”,”you don’t know what you’re doing”. “you don’t know if that’s going to work”, “you should be happy with what you’ve got”, “why are you so ungrateful”, “I’m scared”
  • get it right (and, in truth, keep getting it right) and you will realise more of your potential

Most who seek coaching have identified a need for some kind of transition:

  • I want to reflect on my next steps
  • I want to step up to Leader
  • I want to build resilience to the change around me
  • I want to be the best me

Having succeeded in high-pressure, international businesses, Phil brings vast experience of helping people through change. His style is compassionate but direct. His skill lies in building bespoke relationships which help clients take both baby steps and giant steps, as required, for successful and enduring transitions.

Phil Sanderson Leadership Coaching London


Our coaching starts with awareness - an assessment of yourself and your context. Without it, strategies are meaningless.


Your life is the result of the choices you have made. Your future will also depend upon the choices you are going to make, and the coaching will help you make ambitious, realistic and "true to self" choices.


Business requires a bias to action - at some point the thinking and talking needs to be backed up with outcomes, and we will be part of the support network for you in identifying specific actions and helping you to stick to the task.

Coaching requires a special relationship. It involves a dialogue between equals and a dialogue with yourself. It requires mutual curiosity and creativity. It is an alliance.


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