I am slowing down my reflections on my own 2024 resolutions this year. You could do the same?

I am inspired by a thought piece from the wonderful Seth Godin. He wrote earlier this month about “the sixty-day staircase”, which I read as I was starting to reflect on 2023 and muse around direction of travel for 2024. The idea around the sixty-day staircase is to pause and reflect on something over a longer period, because, to quote Godin, “in the moment, it’s really difficult”.

Making the right resolutions and planning meaningfully for your development over 2024 should not be confined to one day – take the sixty-day staircase. Reflect over the first two months of the year and read and talk to others so that by 1 March you have something more curated, something that really means something to you.  I’ve never tried this before, but it resonates and feels an entirely logical way to use the time huddled away from the winter.

To help, a free online journal from YearCompass, gifted to me as an idea by the brilliant Sophie Stephenson at The Thinking Project: YearCompass | The booklet that helps close your year and plan the next one.

And during the next 60 days I will post thoughts that have been brewing for me over the last year, in the hope they help your reflecting and thinking, and then your resolve.