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“Phil asked intelligent, open, probing questions, which forced me to think deeply and be reflective; and he encouraged an ambitious and transformational mindset throughout. I am excited and optimistic that our discussions will now drive a positive step-change in my career development.”

Anon, PE executive

Business Coaching

"Covid-19 blew in and seemingly swallowed my livelihood whole. There was no clear path forward that I could see, but I needed all Phil's energy, optimism, and enthusiasm to weather the storm. He has a range of experiences and the depth to genuinely care.

I knew the essence of my message wasn't lost on him despite vastly different life experiences because he knows I'm after the same fulfillment and impact we're all searching for. It's been a privilege finding clarity and direction while working with Phil."

Anon, Entrepreneur

Business Coaching

"Phil helped me think and achieve my semi retirement goal through an easy and supportive manner. He really helped me find what I really needed and gave me the tools to get there.

It was most enjoyable in discovering how to write a new story for my life and how to be in the flow. Phil’s coaching was most beneficial to me."

Anon, Retiring leader

Business Coaching

"I've been deeply impressed by Phil's commitment to helping his clients achieve the change they seek. He brings great empathy and wisdom and experience to his coaching."

Anon, CEO International Human Rights Charity

Business Coaching

"Phil’s natural ability to build rapport quickly created a space of trust and confidence in the coaching process. I felt reassured that I could share whatever was on my mind, safe in the knowledge it would be kept confidential. Phil asked thought-provoking questions that increased my self-awareness and made me look at things from a different perspective. By challenging some assumptions I have held about myself in a supportive and non-judgemental manner,

I was able to move forward and pursue my objectives with clarity and confidence."

Anon, Coach

Business Coaching

“A combination of Phil’s genuine interest in people; his macro view of the world; and his natural ability to listen and advise, offers an extremely unique coaching experience. Receiving coaching from someone who knows the sector you work in and the types of personalities around you, is very valuable and helps navigate the path ahead.”

GC, PE backed company

Business Coaching

"Phil is a great listener, extremely personable, humble and a calm head.  He also provides golden nuggets for how someone at the top of his/her field can interpret experiences and think things through."

Anon, Senior Associate US Law

Business Coaching

“Balancing both thoughtful listening and knowledgeable questioning, Phil’s coaching has not just provided me with tools to become more effective and successful in my business but, more fundamentally, helped me take a step back and think about what I want to achieve and understand what success really means for me.”

Anon, Law Firm Partner

Business Coaching

"Coaching with Phil has made a significant difference in my approach to personal and professional development, and has helped navigate several challenges and opportunities at an executive level. Phil’s experience gives him the depth to relate and provide perspective on many situations. Phil’s approach is open, yet pragmatic, and this helps ensures we make progress in each session."

Anon, CCO of PE backed company

Business Coaching

“The four months of coaching with Phil have helped tremendously in providing clarity around my professional goals, and have helped me develop a framework to go about achieving them. Phil took the time to get to know me and my personal / professional background . I found this process to be very instructive, and it actually helped me understand myself better, and put my motivations in context. In later sessions, Phil helped me think about my goals, and constantly challenged me to think about new strategic ways to both define and accomplish them. His positive energy and refreshing candour made me look forward to every session. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone for a coach, and would definitely want to work with him again.”

ANON, Law Firm Partner

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