Expertise in leadership development and executive coaching.

Executive Coaching

Parley coaches clients on all aspects of leadership and delivering change.

Parley coaches Partners, founders, c-suite executives, entrepreneurs and their teams in international businesses.

Clients approach us to assist them to:

  • Become a better leader
  • Transition to a new role
  • Take their career to the next level
  • Manage change
  • Cope with professional stress
  • Build a personal growth plan
  • Better relate to their stakeholders

Team Coaching

Parley helps teams to function better.

This may involve building trust and alignment and facilitating creative structures in which strategy and vision is important but doesn’t detract from the realistic and pragmatic. Or from the human.

We work with each team member, and the team as a whole, to build awareness of the behaviours, structures and processes that are generating performance and then help to create the best way forward.

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